Custom Wristbands for Vine

Our friends over at Vine came to us recently with an idea for custom wristbands. They wanted to do a custom 1″ wristband branded with their logo and the phrase “Do it for the Vine.” Sounds simple enough, right? Well not exactly. As in the spirit of Vine, they wanted to get extra creative with the design.

The exterior color of the wristband was to match their “green” with ‘Do it for the’ debossed in an ink a shade darker and their logo debossed in white ink. So far so good. Now to the tricky part, for the interior of the wristband they wanted the wristband color to be segmented, half green half black. And on top of that an “X” and “>” debossed in white ink where the “X” was on green side and the “>” was on the black side.

Vine Wristband Design Proof

Design template of the Vine wristband.

After putting on our thinking caps, we came up with the above pictured design template. For those of you interested in the nitty gritty of wristband production, here’s how we accomplished this design. The silicone wristband was done as a two-color segmented wristband (green and black). We then oil sprayed the same green color on the exterior of the wristband. This gave the exterior of the wristband a solid one color appearance while the interior was two colors. Then we debossed and ink filled the exterior and interior of the wristband in the appropriate ink colors. Voila!

Custom Wristbands Vine

Prototype sample of the Vine wristband.

Vine handed our their wristbands at many events this year including Playlist Live and VidCon. And if you were a Vine super user you may have received one in the mail 🙂

Vine wristbands were handed out at the Vine Stage at Playlist Live in Orlando, FL.

Vine Merch

Swag packs sent out by Vine.

Dinah of Fifth Harmony

Dinah of Fifth Harmony giving the Vine wristband some love.

Looking for a creative promotional item for your next event? Contact us and we’ll bring your custom wristband ideas to life!