Full Wrap Print Wristbands? We Do That.

If you’re looking for a unique silicone wristband for your next merch table purchase, full wrap print wristbands just might be the product for you. These unique wristbands can have your design or pattern wrapped entirely around the wristband, creating a unique bracelet like the ones pictured below.

parahoy wristbands for paramore featuring full wrap
parahoy wristbands for paramore close up with full wrap

This wristband has 6 print colors intricately woven together to create a fun, tropical paradise inspired design. We can’t take credit for the design (hat tip to Paramore for that), but it was such a joy to bring to life!

Didn’t realize these wristbands could be so intricate? Don’t worry! It seems like most of our competitors don’t realize it, either. If you want to create a full wrap print silicone wristband, get in touch today!