Wristbands Predict The Big Game – 2024 Edition

For football fans and Swifties around the world, there’s a “Big Game” today. Three years now, we’ve been trying to see if wristbands can predict the winner. Let’s see what the All Seeing Silicone can tell us…

First, let’s take a look back at the previous predictions:

2021 Prediction: Chiefs win!

2022 Prediction: Bengals win!

2023 Prediction: Eagles Win!

As you can see, the wristbands are VERY good at predicting who will lose… so perhaps we should look at it that way?

This year, after spending hundreds of seconds refining our prediction models and analyzing the order volume of team themed wristbands, the silicone says that…

The 49ers should win! (which actually means the Chiefs?)

Definitely don’t take this to the bank…

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